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"How many of these 11 horrible feelings are you experiencing right now?"

How do you feel when you see the disappointed look on your kids’ faces when you have to stay late at work or take work home at weekends?
Doesn’t a little more guilt pile up when you turn down another request from your spouse to do something or go out because you are so damn exhausted from work? 
Do you feel bad because you’re so swamped with things to do that you secretly cut corners - producing work that isn’t the best you can do?
Can you taste the defeat when you work like hell and can’t understand why you’ve haven’t made much progress?
Do you sigh in exasperation when buckling down to piles of boring paperwork, thinking there’s nothing you can do about it? 
Do you get angry when you have to attend useless meetings that add no value when you know you could be doing things that really matter?
Are you continually rushing without a minute of peace for yourself?
Do you continually feel uneasy because if you let up for just a minute things might collapse?
Are you often worried about forgetting things and making mistakes because you don’t have the time to think clearly?
At the end of the day do you hear the little voice in your head saying, “you didn’t do enough” or “you didn’t finish that” or “you better get that done”?
Do you often experience the knotted stomach, headaches, irritability and sleepless nights caused by stress of losing control of your time - and life?
You don’t like working like this – do you? Of course not - no one does.

It’s frustrating and disheartening and I sympathise because I’ve been there too. The pace and stress of modern-day work is taking its toll on our quality of work, our families’ our happiness and quality of life.

It doesn’t have to be like this. There are some wonderful and straightforward ways to escape this treadmill – this struggle for survival - and take back control of your time and your life. You’re just moments away from some brilliant techniques that will give you the quality of life you’re yearning for.
In just two hours of easy reading you’ll have 139 (yes 139!!) powerful and practical techniques that will help you create the time you need to:
Do your work to an even higher quality– a quality you can be even more proud of. 
Stop the terrible stress caused by rushing all day long.
Make improvements to the way things are done at work so you can make working life easier for yourself and others. 
Give more attention to your family – the attention you know they should have. 
Achieve what you really want to achieve at work. 
Think about your career and what you really want to do and how to get there. 
Think for a little while each day – to “smell the roses” and enjoy life a little more. 
Wouldn’t that be great?
Yes please I’d like to get my copy
In a moment I’ll give you full details of how “139 ways to smash the tyranny of paperwork, emails, telephone calls and meetings” will give you back at least
FIVE WEEKS per year – yes FIVE WEEKS. Just imagine how much that is worth to you – a whole month to do what you want. I know this may be hard to believe so I’ll give you some concrete examples in a moment. In the meantime, look what other readers have said.
Your time management book has been a great help. It's amazing what one can accomplish with some of the 139 suggestions. I thoroughly recommend it.
Martin Nuttall, Country Manager, UK and Europe, Global Santa Fe
The time management tips are great! I've found them so useful in helping us address efficiency issues I've ordered 50 copies of the book for my management team and special clients. Let me know when your next book is published.
Mike Crawford, General Manager, ABB Marine and Turbochargers
Excellent advice. It's sure to help people become more productive and have better control of their lives, if applied. I recommend the book to my patients.
Dr Les Hall, Chiropractor, AK & Net Practitioner 
Take Back Control of Your Time and Life opens up many options and enables us to "Walk the Talk" rather than shuffle paper work. A must read!
Bob Buick, Senior Safety Adviser
Dear Bill,
Concise and straight to the point. An excellent guide in managing day to day routine and how to get the most out of a day's work.
Kenneth Fraser, HSE Adviser
Your time management book is excellent.  Much of it is good common sense - but how uncommon is common sense? I've decided today to use many of the 42 tips on escaping the black hole of meetings!! And I've just order 20 copies for my supervisors and managers.
John Welsh, Area Director, Cape Industrial Services
As you can see, it doesn’t matter what your current job or role is, these 139 powerful and easy to use tricks work for everyone.

But who on earth is Dr Bill you may ask and how can he promise the tremendous benefit of FIVE WEEKS a year in saved time?

Good questions - so let me introduce myself briefly and how I’m able to promise you and your family a better quality of life if you use just a handful of the 139 ways.

Years ago I started off in business trying to do it all – selling, delivering workshops, writing proposals, meeting clients, writing up results of projects and doing the accounts. Just like you in your current job, I was trying to do too much!

It took its toll
At last! Time for the joy of walking Catherine to school and playing when
she wanted!
I was missing my daughter growing up and I hardly saw my wife. We stopped entertaining. I was too tired to do even simple things at home – even conversation was an effort. The quality of my work suffered – I made more and more mistakes. Maybe others didn’t notice but I did!!

I was too tired to live. I was as miserable as hell! (Does this sound familiar? Even if you’re no where near this level of burn-out you don’t want it – do you?)

To survive I was forced to look for ways to get better results - but by doing less.

Over the years I studied like crazy – thinking carefully about what I was doing. I read every time management and “get yourself organized” book I could get my hands on. I went on time management courses. I reckon I’ve spent over £3500 of my own money to find the secrets of achieving more by doing less and still having time for the family.

In many ways I was disappointed in the books and courses – as you may have been too. There was lots of telling me what the problem was and general advice – but very little DIRECT HELP. One book took 56 pages to get to the first time management tip!

Out of necessity I started developing my own special and easy ways of saving time and working smart. I started sharing these wonderful, quality-of-life-saving techniques with colleagues, clients and friends.

The feedback was marvellous! At last people could see the light at the end of the tunnel and they saw immediately what they had to do to take back control of their time and life.

Yes, most people like you and me are working hard just to stand still! It was terrible to see people struggling like this – just as I used to. To help them I simplified and simplified the fantastic time-saving ways of getting excellent results but with less time and less stress.

And that’s what you’ll get in this e-manual – brilliant, simple but terrific ways to save weeks of time – time you can use on what you want to do.

Don’t worry, the techniques I’ll show you are practical and you can apply many of them immediately. You won’t have to fill in any questionnaires or go out and buy an expensive time management system!!!!

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P.S. I will respect your privacy. Your email WILL NOT be given to any third party.
Here’s just one easy example.
One of my tasks as a chief executive was to prepare a monthly report for a Board of eight directors. This task took two days a month and it didn’t add any value – no one read the reports!!! So after three months in the job I asked if I could submit the report only once per quarter. The Board agreed! That’s 4 reports instead of 12!
So just by asking in the right way my secretary and I saved 16 days per year!
Here’s another “quick hit”.
When I first started management consulting someone would telephone and say “Bill, we need to meet - we need a team building workshop.” So I’d rush over and listen to the client’s problem. Then I’d go back to the office, write the proposal and send it to the client.

Then guess what? A week later we had another meeting to fine-tune the proposal. So submitting a proposal took about two hours of meetings plus, let’s say, two hours of travelling time.

In pure desperation I developed this approach. Now I ask for as much detail as possible on the telephone. This may take 20 minutes or so. Then I say something like, “George, that’s great. I have enough background to write a draft proposal and get it to you by close of business on Thursday. When you get the draft you’ll get a better idea of what I’m suggesting and the costs. How about meeting on Monday to discuss the draft?”

Look how easy it is to save at least 100 minutes on every proposal. And it gets even better. Five times out of ten WE DON’T EVEN NEED THE FINE-TUNING MEETING. (Remember, clients and bosses also have time management problems and they want to save time too!) The client asks for a few amendments and then gives the go ahead!

The simple lesson is that you can save at least half a day on every proposal/event, by getting as much information first on the telephone or by email and then writing a draft for comment.

Here’s  one more:
Most of us spend at least 20 minutes a day looking for simple repetitive information. So create your own domestic telephone and address list. We have directories at work (you do don’t you?) but we struggle every time to find telephone numbers and addresses for the school, bank, car insurance company, plumber, travel agent, airport and so on! Do this and you’ll save a day a year!
The majority of the 139 tips are sound commonsense and your manual has helped motivate me - with noticeable results. I will certainly be recommending the book to others.
Terry Luke, SEQ Manager
I run my own busy bookkeeping practice and I 'm already pretty organised. So it was great to find another 101 things I could use that will boost my productivity even further.
Eileen Crawford, HND Accountancy
Now I feel in charge of my inbox and calendar not the other way around. A good practical guide by someone who knows what he’s talking about.
Lorna Ingram, Solicitor
We need this in education. Our vocation requires us to focus so much on serving our staff and pupils that we often forget to organize ourselves and our processes. An excellent guide with sensible and practical suggestions put forward in a no-nonsense style.
Gordon Reid, Principal Teacher of Art and Design
I wish I'd had this book 10 years ago.
Calum Reay, Managing Director
Dear Bill,
As an engineer in a major IT support company I have been cynical about time management tips. However Take back Control has given me realistic methods to cut through the nonsense and deal successfully with my clients. This means that my clients get what they want and I get the satisfaction of finishing the job properly.
Graeme, Programming Engineer
The 7 suggestions for using your subconscious to gain super-control of your time are excellent. In running my own private practice procrastination is always a danger but after reading your book it WON’T BE ANY MORE - thanks.
Kathleen Murray, Stress Management Consultant
Dr Robb’s ‘139 ways’ have found me the minutes in the day I thought I’d lost forever. Simple, no-nonsense advice that with a bit of thought will benefit everyone.
Ian Hingston, Solicitor
Your book is attractive, readable and packed with great ideas. The time I set aside to read it has proved a real investment. As a principal teacher I have a huge variety of tasks to deal with every day but in particular, the 42 tips for avoiding time wasting in meetings are a life-saver.
Jane Ross, Principal Teacher of Physics
Just what I needed. I run my own computer support service for domestic and small- business users. Your concise and very practical advice has helped me give
excellent service. Thanks, Bill.
Ian Nicol, Technical Director
Take Back Control of Your Time and Life is packed with 139 simple but energy-releasing gems like this. This is no ordinary e-book. It’s an e-manual full to the brim with one suggestion after the other – straight to the point and quick to read. Your e-manual contains the wisdom equivalent to a full one-day face-to-face time management workshop. To make sure you get full value form this e-manual I’ll give you two special bonuses one of which will blow your socks off with the time it will save you. I’ll tell you about these in a moment.
So what’s this going to cost me? I hear you ask.
Although based in Scotland I’m using US dollars because that’s what the safe and secure credit card company Clickbank uses.
Don’t worry – you won’t be asked for the $300 to attend a 1-day time management course. You won’t be asked for, let’s say, the $124 for a leather-bound time management system. But hold on – there’s even more you save. You won’t have to spend a whole day away travelling and attending a training course! How much is a day of your time worth? Even at $50 an hour for eight hours that’s a saving of $400 and perhaps $100 in travel costs!

The 139 powerful gems in this e-manual are yours for only $27.77 – and you can download it immediately and it takes ONLY 2 HOURS to read! You’ll be able to apply most of the time-liberating suggestions immediately!

And it gets even better. Yes, by getting this e-manual you save a total of $800 in course fees, your valuable time and travel costs. But how much is five weeks of your time worth? At just $50 an hour for an eight-hour day, five days a week – that’s $10,000. Imagine what you could do with that time and that opportunity cost. Yes the monetary value is important- BUT THE REAL VALUE IS IN THE TIME YOU CAN SPEND WITH YOUR FAMILY - THAT’S THE REAL PRIZE – ISN’T IT?

Get your copy now
“Okay, Bill”, you might ask, “If your experience, techniques and wisdom are so wonderful and so valuable, why are you asking only $27.77?”
And this is a question many colleagues have asked. “Bill”, they say “You’re helping people save FIVE WEEKS a year and showing them how to protect a most precious possession – their quality of life – the book’s worth ten times what you’re charging.”

There are three reasons why I’m happy to give you this e-manual for only $27.77.

1. I can’t reach everyone in the world with my workshops so even a small sum like $27.77 is additional income for me.

2. I want you to be very pleased. When you find the tremendous value in the “139 ways”, you’ll hopefully want other books.

3. I’m an educator. It was terrible seeing people struggling so much – not achieving their goals and being thoroughly frustrated. I’ll get my kicks knowing I’ve assisted you in gaining a better quality of life. So I want you to get these 139 brilliant time management techniques NOW and I don’t want money to stand in your way. (Remember to send me stories of your successes).

But please make sure you get your e-manual today! I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep the price at $27.77. I’ll soon have to raise the price to $67.77 because I won’t be able to cope with all queries that will arise from Bonus No.1.

It’s time, not money, that’s our most precious resource.
Yes please, I’ll order now
To ensure you are absolutely pleased and to show you that I’m totally genuine in wanting help you take back control of your time and life I’m giving you two exceptionally valuable bonuses.

Two Special bonuses

Special bonus No. 1

Imagine having your own personal time management guru on tap! Well you don’t have to imagine. When you order your e-manual today you’ll get 3 months PERSONAL email consultation – worth $267! Send me your time management issues and I’ll get back with my suggestions.
Special Bonus No. 2

Special report: “HOW TO SAVE WEEKS OF TIME, STRESS AND TROUBLE BYTREATING PEOPLE WELL – EVEN IN DIFFICULT CIRCUMSTANCES” (ISBN 1 901810 06 2). We need people to co-operate with us. If they don’t it can cost dearly in time and hassle. In fact, what you learn from this detailed report will be just as valuable as the 139 ways!!

The one-day workshop where I share these extremely powerful insights would cost you $167. But it’s yours free when you get your copy of the “139 ways”.

You already know deep down, that if you don’t use time well it ruins your whole life – your career, your family. All we have is 24 hours a day - no more. We can’t save it up to be used later – it just goes whether we like it or not. It’s horrible to think of time like this isn’t it? Time – our most precious resource to do all the things we want to do – is used up whether we want it to or not.

So you can be sure that the 139 techniques in the e-manual are practical, effective and easy to apply. Look at the contents and see another unexpected bonus. If you deal with the time management problems associated with attending meetings and writing reports – then automatically your performance in these will improve.

Here’s what you get for your investment of $27.77
and 2-hours of reading:
28 ways to escape the tyranny oftelephone calls.

Apply these and the amount of time the telephone eats up will half.
31 ways to escape the mountain of paperwork and emails.

Can you believe it - 31 ways to cut down the hassle from paperwork and emails?
21 ways to salvage time when writing and commissioning reports.

Here are the secrets most report writing workshops don’t tell you. For example, why spend so much time on perfecting reports – most people don’t read them?

Why spend time reading the whole report when 80% of what you need is in the conclusions? 
10 ways to organise paperwork (information) so you can find what you want quickly

We humans waste about three weeks a year just looking for things we misplace! I’ll share with you an amazing technique that helped me run 66 projects with just one assistant. I could respond in seconds to any telephone enquiry and give people facts and figures. Make no mistake this impressed them! 
42 ways to rescue your time from the black hole meetings

This section alone will pay for the $27.77. ten times over! You’ll learn the things you can do as a meeting participant that will save you weeks. If you chair meetings you can cut in half the time they take and still get good results.
7 ways to get your subconscious to help you gain super-control of your time

Techniques are fine and this is where many books stop. But hold on! It’s human beings like you and me – with all our hang-ups - that have to apply the techniques. Pretty leather-bound time management systems, special software and time recording charts are okay – but they aren’t the answer. The real secret lies in some clever little habits you can use every day that accumulate into gigantic time-savings for you.
And don’t forget the two free bonuses!
order now
Just imagine what it’s going to be like – how better work and home life will be - when you take back control of your time.  
Gain a whole hour per day and even more.
Gain five weeks a year and even more.
Achieve what you’ve always wanted to achieve – things important to you.
Accomplish twice as much in half the time BUT WITHOUT RUSHING.
Time to spend on holidays (without feeling guilt) and with the family.
Amaze your colleagues, clients and bosses by becoming five times more efficient – but with less stress.
So, a better quality of life is just a few moments away. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Your time-investment will be well worth it because I know you’ll be thrilled with the advice in Take Back Control of Your Time and Life.

In summary, I know how important taking back more control over your time and life is. That’s why I’ve added the $580 worth of email consulting and special report all for $27.77. Please get your copy of the e-manual today because I don’t want you to be disappointed when you come back in a week or so and the price has gone up to $67.77.

The e-manual crammed with 139 powerful suggestions is yours for only $27.77. And if for any reason you’re not fully satisfied with the 139 ways you have my promise of a no-quibble money-back guarantee.

All success with your time management and gaining more control over your life. Let me know how you’ve beaten the emails, paperwork and meetings!! 

Dr Bill 

P.S. Don’t allow circumstances to dictate and control your life for one more minute. Why should you? It’s your life and your family!!

P.S.S. One of the biggest time management habits to break is procrastination. So just decide NOW to get this e-manual and gain more control.

get the e-manual now

Get your e-manual now or
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